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 Khemani Distillleries Pvt. Ltd

Blossom Industries Limited

Installed Capacity
The installed capacity allows the Companies to brew/pack one million hl of beer per annum.

Brew House
The brew house is equipped with a state-of-the-art fully automatic mash filter and delivers a high quality output for fermentation.

Handling Of Yeast
The yeast handling process is completed with the finest technological know-how and expertise.

Fermentation / Lagering
Unitank process is used for fermentation and lagering. The temperature and CIP cycles are fully automated.

Filtration is done using Filtrox resulting in excellent quality beer.

Deaeration Plant
The deaeration plant is brought in from Norit in Netherlands. The deaerated water is used for various process applications to ensure that the dissolved oxygen levels in the beer is very low, thereby reducing the oxidation of beer.

High Gravity Beer Blending
Carboblend is from Norit, with which high gravity beer can be blended with deareated water to get the desired alcohol levels in the beer.

The packaging is of two types: Bottle Line & Can Line

Bottle Line
To produce beer in bottles both 12x650 ml per case and 24x330 ml per case. The bottling line has the capacity to produce 4 lac cases per month. It consists of KHS bottle washer, krones filler, pasteurizer, labeller, pick and place , carton former and palletiser.

Can Line
Can line has been installed with the capacity to produce 6 lac cases per month of beer /energy dirnks - both carbonated and non carbonated, in cans. The beer in cans is packed in the sizes of 24x500ml and 24x 330 ml and can line consists of depalletiser, krones filler, seamer from ferrum, pasteuriser, shrink pack, wrap around pack, palletiser, etc.

Ware Housing
The ware house is capable of storing 2.5 lac cases and is operated using battery -operated fork lifts by the trained operators.

Adequate to match with the installed capacity of production.

The Microbiology and other testing facilities are equipped with Haffman's equipments, beer analyzer from Anton Paar.

Man power
The plant is managed and operated on a day-to-day basis by well qualified and experienced talented pool team of professionals in respective departments who render quality service to the organization by producing World Class Quality beer for Indian and overseas Connoisseurs/ markets.






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